Our Services

At ConsoleFix we aim to fix as many devices as possible. That said, the one thing that is impossible is listing every device we work on. Below you’ll find a list of our core services, but if your device isn’t listed, feel free to get in touch for a quote.

Xbox One OG|S|X Repairs

From overheating to full blown liquid damage, we can get your Xbox One back up and running for you.

PlayStation 5 Repairs

The PlayStation 5 is a great console, but like the rest, they still have problems. Don't worry though, we can definitely help!

Mobile Phone Repairs

Your mobile is probably the most crucial device you own, but whether you've cracked the screen or dropped it in the ocean, don't worry too much, because we're happy to get you back online.

Xbox Series S|X Repairs

That's right, they're already breaking... Don't worry though, ConsoleFix have your back for Xbox Series S|X repairs.

Nintendo Switch Repairs

Whether it's the Nintendo Switch original version, lite or OLED, we love working on this little things.

Desktop Computer Repairs

If your desktop computer has suddenly stopped working, you feel like the world might have just ended! Don't worry, ConsoleFix are on hand to get you back up and running in no time.

PlayStation 4 OG|Slim|Pro Repairs

From sounding like a jet engine (typical Sony) to blue light of death and no power, we've got you covered!

Laptops & Macbook Repairs

We love to work on laptops and Apple Macbooks. Whether it's a basic work laptop or a high end Macbook, we're in heaven...

Flash Drive Data Recovery

That gut wrenching moment when you think your data is gone!
If you've got important data on a flash drive and can't access it for any reason, we'll do our absolute best to recover it for you.